Chapter 13 | [Title at the end of this chapter]

Tl/n: Stay strong everyone, place a tissue and glass of water beside you. It feels kinda hot!

Miao Jingrong wipe the semen off from Qu Fan’s face with a towel and suddenly stop when he saw that Qu Fan was scraping these white liquids through his fingers, later swallowing all of these little by little into his stomach, then he licked his lips after he was finished, smiling bewitchingly at Miao Jingrong as he spoke, “Thank you so much for your service.”

Blue veins immediately popped up on Miao Jingrong’s forehead, urging him to kiss his lips. Qu Fan was not surprised when the man kissed him since he  knew that his actions were too much of a thrill for any male virgin, then he sent his own tongue inside his mouth,  “Mhm, try tasting your semen.”

Even though Miao Jingrong seemed a bit reluctant, he still tried to lick the other’s tongue with some hesitation, Qu Fan grew fond of him as he saw his crumpled face, and he couldn’t resist licking this face which was totally different from his usually aloof appearance.

His pants were soon stripped off, and the man’s re-hardened sex device rubbed over his cunt along with his fingers that finally knew how to properly stroke his clitoris, then Qu Fan noticed something from his fingers, he said while grinning, “Did you trim your nails?”

Miao Jingrong glared at him, “I didn’t trim it for you, what should you be proud about?”

“I’m not mocking you.” Qu Fan chuckled innocently as he led Miao Jingrong’s fingers upon his mouth, licking the man’s index and middle fingers with his tongue. Because of this, Miao Jingrong froze up and he seemed unable to understand why the other had to do this, Qu Fan was just pulling his fingers out then pushing these a little deeper, almost swallowing them, his tongue made the two fingers so wet before he spat them out, “You should help me loosen before entering because my husband’s cock is too big, so if you just insert it in, then it would be too uncomfortable even for me who can easily shoot out.”

Miao Jingrong’s fair face reddened for a while, he somewhat grudgingly bit his own lips as he brought his fingers to the entrance of the little cunt and slowly thrusted these in and out.

Qu Fan’s cunt was already soaking wet that it easily swallowed the fingers deeply inside, then Miao Jingrong sneered when he felt the sensation of a drenched flesh, “This is already too wet, so why do I still have to do this?”

Qiu Fan softly replied to the man’s ear before licking his delicate earlobe, “It’s because my husband’s cock is so big, it’s too very… big… oh!”

After he said these three overexaggerated words, Miao Jingrong who was in front of him became so pleased that he laughed with a smug smile.

When the man’s slender fingers directly went deeply inside, the receiving tender flesh firmly sucked them, sharing its warmth and making these comfortable. Miao Jingrong was a little anxious while he was carefully loosening his entrance, pressing everywhere, then he asked, “Can I?”

“Not yet.” Qu Fan hugged his neck and looked at him, then he softly smiled, “What position does the husband want?”

Miao Jingrong was silent for a moment before he pulled his fingers out and invaded the unguarded little cunt with his large and thick penis, “Just this posture.”

“Ah…” Qu Fan loudly moaned when the penis suddenly slammed inside him, his face flushed out of pleasure. The man didn’t use any skill at all, he could reach the deepest interior of his womb with just a simple thrust and easily pull it out as he was physically fit. Though this made Qu Fan really comfortable, there was still the craving feeling inside him that he fiercely clamped the penis and gasped,  “Aha… husband, do you know nine shallows one deep(1)? It will make you feel more comfortable… let’s try it, alright?”

Miao Jingrong stared at his eyes and stopped moving as he listened carefully to his instructions then following these.

The itching sensation had completely spread into Qu Fan’s cunt but left him a bit unsatisfied because the man’s tip didn’t reach his womb, he reminded himself that this was all part of the process which would later make him more comfortable. The handsome man looked similar to a good schoolboy who was diligently reading the numbers from his mouth, till they reached “nine.” Then the man returned to his ruthless self as he pounded deeply inside Qu Fan whose eyes almost turned white from pleasure.

His reaction seemed to give the man the greatest encouragement that Miao Jingrong continued staring closely at his face while slowly steadying his heart, and when he finally heard the predetermined number, he hit the womb again. This time, he felt more liquid surging inside Qu Fan’s little hole, he felt so comfortable like he was soaking in a hot spring, meanwhile, Qu Fan’s face was red, his eyes were on the edge of tears and his forehead was covered with sweat.

The two people played for nearly 10 minutes before Qu Fan clamped onto the man’s waist and gasped, “Wu, can we do another style? Aha.”

Miao Jingrong felt a bit reluctant, “Not changing.”

“I’m sure this will make my husband will be comfortable, you’ve already done a doggy style fucking me from behind, didn’t you feel great?” Qu Fan lowered his voice, tempting him.

Sure enough, the penis inside the little cunt actually stood up as Miao Jingrong’s eyes tranced as he reminisced the position that made Qu Fan cry while he shot many times inside.

His appearance somewhat softened his heart especially when he remembered Qu Fan’s overwhelming bed-riding skills, his partner who immediately rode down onto his waist and inserted the man’s sex device inside him, “Wu, let’s try this, okay? It’s gonna go deeper and it’ll make me even more comfortable, meanwhile, you don’t need to move, just enjoy it.” Qu Fan couldn’t resist licking his own lips, “A’Wen likes this style the most.”

When Miao Jingrong heard him mention his younger brother again, his face slightly frowned. He watched his little wife’s entire naked body rise up whose butt spat out the man’s penis halfway from his drenched little hole, then he suddenly sat down, giving them both an intense pleasure that incited him to groan in his melancholic voice. 

Qu Fan said proudly, “It felt so great, right? Wu, I also love this style… aha, riding on a man’s cock, ooh, especially to you…  a virgin… ah, ah, ah…”

Miao Jingrong coldly retorted, “I’m not a virgin.”

“Okay, you’re not… aha… in fact, you all three we’re still virgins when I had you… wu… so good…” Qu Fan firmly clamped the penis inside him while kneading his own breasts, he was used to this kind of sex as his two other husbands were not, and though Miao Jingchun appeared to be very experienced, he was definitely a virgin.

Qu Fan was very pleased with himself when he took away the three men’s virginity, the smile on the corner of his lips becoming more lively. 

Miao Jingrong was unable to endure this any longer so he grabbed the breasts with both of his hands, kneading and pinching them.

His actions made Qu Fan feel more comfortable, then he placed his hands upon the man’s abdomen as he began to move. Qu Fan’s moist and supple little cunt swallowed the big penis, he licked his own lips high above and haughtily looked down at the handsome man beneath him,  “Now I’m going to teach you the right nine swallows one deep,  three shallows one deep… wu… you should rub me everywhere from left to right… aha…” The itching inside his little cunt became more unbearable, and when he was finally unable to endure the pent up sensation, he could only cry as resolutely pounded his body downwards with the tip man’s tip of the penis neatly reaching the womb, tears fell from his eyes, “So great… wu, it’s exactly because of this… has my husband learned a little bit?” 

Actually, Miao Jingrong seemed almost dying when he received this too much comfort but he said, “A little less, you might as well call it eight shallows one deep.”

Qu Fan stared at him blankly and laughed heartily, he couldn’t resist kissing his lips,  “Why are you… so cute?”

Miao Jingrong glared at him, somewhat irritated.

“I really like you.”

Miao Jingrong’s face blushed into bright red, his eyes showing a different vibrant expression.

Qu Fan, who grasped the offensive, finally thrusted the penis into his palace(2) after a hundred strokes, swallowing completely the large and thick sex device. They obviously both felt so stimulated when the penis was sucked by his womb, to the point that Miao Jingrong wanted to overturn their position on the bed. He gulped and said, “Don’t… aha… just a little more… I’m gonna shoot… ah… ah, ah, ah…” Since the erected penis also shot several dense and creamy white semen inside him, his little hole was gradually filled with their lewd liquids, spurting out some of these onto his thighs.

Qu Fan leaned his soft body on the man as he was short of breath with sweats all over his body. Miao Jingrong leisurely and gently caressed his back, he lightly grumbled, “You’re really troublesome.”

“It’s because A’Wen told me to be faithful to my desires.” Qu Fan attentively watched his face and licked his chin, “Don’t you like it?”

Miao Jingrong just hummed and refused to answer. Qu Fan chuckled, “What if you married Miss Chen and she was a shy woman, what would the two of you do at your first wedding night? Maybe you probably even don’t know what to do since you’re not like Miao Jingchun who read stuff for these.”

Miao Jingrong felt a little annoyed by his jokes and was about to lose his temper when Qu Fan already rose up, spitting out the soaked penis from the drenched little cunt, then he kneeled in front of him and raised his snow white buttocks which were spreaded apart by his hands, exposing the hidden hole in the center, “Wu, my ass itches, my husband, let’s also do it here…”

Miao Jingrong looked at the beautiful little chrysanthemum that was glistening with their liquids, and it seemed wasn’t capable of completely swallowing his large sex device. When Qu Fan turned around at him, he licked his own lips, “It’s alright, just come in… feed me with your huge cock and fucked this little bitch… aha…”

Listening to his obscene provocation gave the man a great thrill so Miao Jingrong grabbed his thin waist and aimed his penis into the chrysanthemum hole. Like it had been starved for a long time, it easily accepted the invading sex device and tightly wrapped around it, unceasingly sucking it further.

“It’s so tight.” Perspiration formed in Miao Jingrong’s body as he felt being squeezed in, he could only try to push in deeper but it somehow hurt Qu Fan. When he had sensed the man’s distress, he smiled at him gently, “Just stick it in completely… this itching little bitch likes a big cock fucking him behind… ah…”

The man ruthlessly followed his instruction and inserted it entirely, giving Qu Fan a strong intense pleasure. Miao Jingrong’s eyes were almost red as he concentrated pounding his sex device inside the hole, “Are you itching just this much? If I feed it all to you, then that will be enough, right?”

“Whoo… it feels so great… that’s it… ah… “ The fast and hard rhythmic thrusts felt very comfortable that Qu Fan had to catch his breath as the man entered too deeply, just the enormous size of his sex device was already enough to make him feel good without any skill. 

Miao Jingrong also felt comfortable as he penetrated him, he felt piqued when he entered Qu Fan’s little butt hole for the first time and was aroused even more with their position, which prevented him spraying his own semen from the hot and steamy butt hole. 

It was only after he shot inside Qu Fan that the man finally felt satisfied. 

Chapter 13 | Teaching Sex to Him, Cowgirl Position and Doggy Style


(1) Nine shallows and one deep (道九淺一深嗎); It’s simply a sex technique often practiced to increase thrill of his/her partner before orgasm (Baidu Encyclopedia). IMHO, the previous nine counts refer to the foreplay and the final tenth for the heavy sudden thrust into the womb, just deeper.

(2) Palace; The author literally used that word for the womb.

Translator’s Notes:

Hello! School year is just dawning to me, along with all their requirements, haha. But just as I’m becoming busy, it makes me miss this novel even more. It’s my destressor. I thought it would take another week to translate this. QAQ.


Tl/editor: Seafall

Special Quotes:

Qu Fan stared at him blankly and laughed heartily, he couldn’t resist kissing his lips,  “Why are you… so cute?”

  • Qu Fan, ch13

Trust me, I really want to say this to him for quite a while now.

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